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In April 2004, Cai Fushun, Si Chen Shan, the creation of a the Cangnan Marina Plastic Co., Ltd. (Zhejiang Expo New Materials Co., Ltd., the predecessor). The registered capital of 3 million, the company is located on the 4th the Cangnan yunyan Township, Fengshan Village, the building area of 3500 square meters, a total of 3 PA (polyamide) material production line.
In 2004, the company has become China the TELI Group long-term supplier, and low-voltage electrical appliances and household appliances industry, the booming Zhejiang R & D, high-end materials.
In 2005, the company produces environmentally friendly products through a series of European Union ROHS authentication.
2009, the company has invested heavily in the introduction of research and development of engineering plastics PC (polycarbonate), for the electrical industry to provide better, more choices.
In February 2010, the company Cangnan People"s Government awarded the "growth companies".
In 2010, a variety of products short-listed the Cangnan high-tech industries of focus to support the project directory, and won the "Science and Technology Progress Award.
September 2010, Ministry of Science and Technology as "national high-tech enterprises.
In February 2011, the company won the "scientific and technological output performance of the third prize at the same time the company moved to Longgang Century Avenue Xinya Industrial Park, construction area of 5500 square meters, in a production line to 10 production lines, production capacity of 15,000 tons / year.
In April 2011, the company PC, PA family of products passed the U.S. UL certification.
In June 2011, the company capital increase to 20 million more named Zhejiang Expo New Materials Co., Ltd..
In July 2011, the company"s products has been reported to two invention patents, have been widely promote the use of an invention specifically at the same time in preparation for the declaration of the number of invention patents.
August 2011, the Company has successfully listed on the D01 is located in the Cangnan Harbor Industrial Zone-3 block, used for the new plant covers an area of 30 mu, building area of 35,000 square meters and provide the conditions for the company leaps and bounds.
In November 2011, the company was awarded a grant of Wenzhou City, enterprise technology research and development center "Expo polymer materials enterprise technology research and development center" title.
In December 2011, the company"s annual output value has exceeded 100 million.
In February 2012, the company for granted "growth companies", and nominated for the the Cangnan industry "top 100 enterprises.
In March 2012, was elected units of industrial enterprises for the support of provincial, city and county governments at all levels focus and specifically into the enterprise helping.
In April 2012, the company has passed ISO9001: 2008 international quality system certification to raise the overall quality of the product. Has been prepared by the ISO14001: 2004 environment management system certification.

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